FortiClient 6.4

Detects and removes malware from the user's PC

Security solution focused on stopping identity theft, spying and other types of privacy violations. Prevents malware from stealing your credentials, private information, documents, etc. Embeds an effective firewall for your online safety.

FortiClient is a sturdy name that perfectly fits an application like that. The FortiClient program is designed as an all-in-one comprehensive endpoint security suite for personal computer devices, with strong emphasis on personal protection.

The suite's functionality is focused on finding and eradicating malware that seeks personality credentials, network access and sensitive personal or business information.

After installation, you can start the program and access the interface developed to be as no-nonsense as possible. From a very simple-looking main menu you can proceed to use three main sections dividing the program's functionality thematically: antivirus protection, web security and remote access control. The antivirus is quite good with fast scanning and decent results for finding and blocking malware. Real-time security updates are available to keep the antivirus up to date with current malware evolution. Web protection elements look highly effective as well, dealing with the most possible cases of online dangers. Remote access mostly deals with multi-platform protection on various devices.

Some of the numerous additional features include a decent, but not spectacular firewall, the option to configure settings between several FortiGate devices, etc. Special mention should go to the program's predisposition to conversion from Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, and SonicWall, making it quite universal.

All in all, FortiClient is a solid, useful security suite. It's easy enough to use if you're just a casual user, but offers some very interesting features to those who are willing to go deeper.

James Lynch
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